The history of the 20th century in the Balkans is still an object of much debate. The demise of communism and emergence of new states saw a need for a revision of history, since the erstwhile ruling historical narrative was now seen as ‘communist propaganda’, which was, to a certain extent, true. However, the revisions of history that followed often sought not to present a more truthful and properly fact-driven version of history, but, rather, to produce fresh historical propaganda. In these new national (and often nationalist as well) historical narratives, the local population was represented exclusively in a positive light, as heroes, victims, or saviours, while neighbouring nations were typically portrayed only in negative contexts. Thereby, these divergent local narratives about the history of the 20th century in the Balkans ended up in direct conflict. These customised historiography narratives, predicated on a selective use of facts or half-truths, are used for base political purposes every day in all the countries of the region.

BALKAN HISTORY is a project aimed at shedding light on historical facts concerning controversial events that took place in the Balkans during the 20th century, for the sake of providing all those who visit this webpage with the naked truth, supported by facts, unburdened by everyday politics or national interests.

Historical narratives may be many – but the truth is only one.


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